New chanel watches are released to the world

Women Chanel boutique indicators (CHANEL), and occasionally to meet the needs of men. This time the new Monsieur de CHANEL watch, but for men presented watches, from the exterior to the internal movement, completely professionally tailored and unique creativity.

“Monsieur” in French “gentleman” means, in response to a gentleman’s intrinsic elegance and style, Chanel created the first watch factory made a complex movement CALIBRE 1, from the design, development and assembly is completed and tested all their own shot .

This is the gold manual winding movement, with the instant when jumping and retrograde-minute functions and a 3-day power reserve efficacy, took five years to complete research and development, the movement of the parts which have been ADLC diamond-like carbon coating treatment to fog matte and glossy black, the overall structure of staggered design is completed, through the transparent case-back that is able to visit this unique genus Chanel style atmosphere.

Table diameter 41 mm round Monsieur watch face plate configuration is also simple and clear function display, 6 o’clock position in Paris Yoshito Square octagonal shape design digital hopping window, with eccentric design 240 o Deputy retrograde minute hand dial , sandwiched small seconds, calm exterior style is simple but elegant.

Why does chanel release new chanel 5 recently?

According to the report, as of December 30, 2015 Chanel Group revenue $ 6.24 billion, or about 5.5 billion euros, down 17 percent year on year last year; operating profit of $ 1.6 billion, down 23%. Its cosmetics and fragrance business income of $ 2.91 billion, or about 2.6 billion euros, down 21%.

However, it is worth mentioning is expected to reach $ 45.6 billion under the background of the global fragrance market in 2018, an increase of fragrance products has become a large luxury brands significantly improve business performance and balance Fuji magic.

In 2011 Valentino and Fendi launched its first perfume; 2013 Burberry launched its first autonomous perfume; after this year LV is following the 1927 introduction of Heures d ‘Absence, 1928 launched Je, Tu, Il, again after a lapse of nearly 90 years Release perfume.

In addition, world-renowned luxury car brand Bentley after the introduction of a new series of handbags, but also to reach out to the perfume market. Prada Vice-line brand Miu Miu also in 2015 in cooperation with the world’s largest fragrance company Coty launched its first fragrance products.

New ad agent of coco chanel 5 perfume

Chanel perfume on the 5th all-new water Recently grand listed, but before they announced this, Lily Rose Depp will serve as the new perfume N ° 5 L’EAU propaganda tracts of the 5th Water spokesperson, a current from the Chanel perfume perfumer Olivier make effort to build a giant wave of innovation. Lily Rose Depp stars in the halo of parents, childhood received attention from many aspects. And the endorsement Fool water, it is so only 16 years old she was, in the fashion industry gains its own place. In this season, so Chanel perfume with Lily Rose Depp show with fresh, elegant, stylish new attitude.

As early as September 2015, Lily Rose Depp had served as Chanel Pearl glasses series spokesperson. In recent years, she also repeatedly invited to the Chanel fashion show, she manifested the spirit of the times, advocating freedom of values ​​and fearless heart of the pursuit of perfection, the brand timeless classic Chanel perfume injected fresh and charming unique charm, but also a consistent brand coincides with the spirit and Chanel.

But until she officially became the new spokesperson Fool water after a lot of talent began to have a better understanding of Lily Rose Depp, Star II, Johnny Depp’s daughter, young girls, Fool water spokesperson, these Reading labels for her, but to cover up part of the real her.

Since birth, “Star II” aura will grow along with Lily Rose Depp, in the eyes of the world, with the help of the father of the actor, she has long been a natural advantage, coupled with the good genes of both parents, in also looks out on too graceful, delicate and lovely. All in all, let this 16 year old girl and bright sunshine, happy, smiling broadly so-called innocent. But this is both a main force fueling, while somewhere is also a natural growth resistance.

Start new from owning a chanel j12 watch

Everyone needs to continue to break their own, to find a new self. In fact, the breakthrough is not difficult, let Chanel J12 XS wristwatch you find yourself not the same! Chanel J12 XS watches, so that every girl can find their own style. This style is not arrogant posturing, but after years of sedimentation warmth. Offbeat Chanel J12 XS watches make a million women have self-seeking, the courage to refuse to compromise. Now, let us together to experience a watch from the Chanel J12 XS brings transformation journey.

Cool Girl courage to face the public to show the true self, rejected all behave, dare to break the existing rules, breaking the traditional, unique. They wear simple, clear lines, unconventional, but they can only blossomed. As a minimalist style Chanel J12 XS, either classical tradition, but also to subvert the traditional, yet also highlight the personality introverted attitude, filling style Declaration unfettered. The maverick ladies watch, 19mm dial is deliberately casual, elegant in the heart, the atmosphere in shape. It is specially designed, exquisitely delicate, but highly anticipated. The Chanel watches cool to make their own definition of the so-called rules for women to bring freedom and bold determination, so that they adhere to self, refusing to compromise, do yourself unparalleled.

Cool girl has the most freedom really my lifestyle, they are good at finding fun in life, and all the new things to keep curiosity, never tedious. Chanel J12 XS, just to meet their interesting wild fun hobby. Ms. writing this watch unique watch to wear law, TA may be a watch, it can be gloves, also, or rings, the interpretation of the infinite possible confusion between. TA have different ways to wear at any time with the amazing mood, cool to let you enjoy with freewheeling fun. Whether in the workplace, at home, or go out to play, every minute has its own unique fashion attitude, edgy, bold, modern, modern fashion attitude. Different methods and cool girls wear a variety of personality traits can deduce a different kind of beauty, let them how to wear how cool and impressive. So simple, so cool fashion mix girl can easily manage and enjoy wild fun.

The new Chanel J12 Women’s Watch

Since 1987, launched the first watch “Première”, Chanel has set up its own watch world. Most recently, Ms. Chanel introduced a new watch, 19 mm in diameter ultra-mini size design, while there are rings, bracelets, gloves and many other styles, new ideas that break conventional ideas shape when opened meter, making this ladies watches not only stylish modern, but also very real interesting ride. Let us work together to feel this ladies watches brought self, unique and interesting.

Such a group of girls, who clearly know what they want, they will not parrot, indulgent, I really persistent. They will choose to follow his heart desired, like love, do not like to change or away. Bo eye? Posturing? NO! They just loyal to self cool girl.

Ceramic watches Chanel J12 XS is to this girl and to create! Because this girl not a law-abiding, nothing new ladies watch, they want to hand control of their own way and style wearing this watch must have a unique style, and can express themselves ladies watches. Chanel J12 XS is such a watch, it’s just loyal to their own, without the world watching; it is not just a timepiece, the courage to open up more to give people time. Ms. Chanel watches J12XS exact their mind, be sincere praise.

Chanel has got slowdown in growth of sales

After a slowdown in growth in the luxury goods market, the well-known luxury brand Chanel also suffered decline in performance. September 1, 2015 annual financial Chanel released data show that as of December 30 last year, Group operating profit of $ 1.6 billion, down 23%. This performance was accused in the luxury goods industry, “pad the bottom.”

Over the past year, Chanel (Chanel) as a European luxury brand in the “lead Big Brother”, the first in the Chinese market price of nearly 20%. Although the move is in response Chanel weak market, but that does not seem to allow the performance of Chanel achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, the recent performance report numerous big-name luxury goods have also heard bad news. Many industry insiders said: “The reasons for the decline in performance is even worse Chanel aspect is subject to the subsequent impact of its price-cutting strategy in China, and make it in China’s domestic sales but not boost, but more depressed addition, UK. off Europe, metropolitan France and other European anti-terrorism political and economic turmoil, but also make Chinese tourists to Europe shopping enthusiasm weakened, which also affected the Chanel, Prada kind of old luxury brand performance continued growth potential. “

Chanel plans to update its consumption mode

Even after 90 after 95 is becoming the main consumer groups pushing, it was not that high income and consumption levels 90, but because they are leading the trend of consumption of the whole society, 80 or section 70 after spending habits are willing to 90 after closer. This part is relatively mature consumer fear behind the development of society, the young want to have that kind of life.

As the other end of the consumer market, many public and luxury brands are also closer to the younger consumers, for example, moving from before chanel lady mature design style, gradually to youthful transformation.

90 after generation of young people, 20 years of rapid growth in China’s opening up and economic development, in terms of level of education, consumer attitudes, brand awareness has improved significantly over the previous generation. Especially in the field of view of globalization and overseas terms of life experiences, this generation or even the United States, Japan, the same age can not match.

90 higher quality of life requirements, but they are just entering the job market, income level is the lowest. Growing material and cultural needs of young people and the contradiction between empty wallet, constitute today the waves “consumer upgrade” the main driving force. They temporarily have no money and can not access ritz or fourseasons, and can not afford hermes bv, can not purchase a noble residence in Beijing, Shanghai, afford to go to expensive private lessons …… but they are willing to hang around in shopanystyle and playlounge designer collection shop, willing to develop better living freely in a small apartment, willing to save an enormous amount of physical exercise in beauty care costs keep, want to care more like Li Beika, anny, pomegranate woman such public number.

Chanel launched new design watches for men

Chanel (Chanel) presents Monsteur watches, designed for men to build a watch. Monsteur de Chanel Chanel’s first watch with homemade Haute Horlogerie movement Calibre 1, when equipped with an instant jump and fly back the minute hand two functions, bold extraordinary, restrained low-key. Select double complex function, digital hour display with the extreme simplicity of the case quiet, everything seems self-evident. Through this watch, men’s watch Chanel interpretation of the beauty of the unique concept of fortitude.

With a momentary jump and fly back the minute hand Calibre 1 movement, designed for Monsteur watches tailor, it is the first design, development, stability testing and assembly by Chanel complete movement.

On this hand-wound mechanical movement from 170 parts composition, with extraordinary extraordinary complex functions, in a word, is not a simple function of these complex attached modules on the main plate, but the main plate and the perfect fusion. Calibre 1 movement contains two complex functions, carrying on the tradition of the greatest respect, and is undoubtedly a masterpiece of contemporary craft, devoted enormous effort Chanel, it took five years to develop a successful party. The dedication of the skills and creativity of its destined glory noble and reliability.

Calibre 1 movement like a pioneer, dedicated to this really explore, pursue pure and exquisite beauty. Calibre 1 movement with the main plate annular hollow bridge table, and in many details to Chanel distinctive design element embellishment. Structured black movement covered with diamond-like carbon (ADLC), sub-black and glossy black vividly on it, filling the meantime. Exquisite decorative highlights the main plate and gentle curve table of the bridge, while the number of custom parts design also echoes Yoshito Square octagonal profile.

Bally Released 2016 spring and summer ladies bags

Ms. Spring-Summer 2016 refined and elegant tribute to the Italian, French fashion while incorporating simple and elegant, creating minimalist luxury style; selection of fine fabrics, tailoring simple and elegant, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality. This series of profile shape loose clothing, choose a variety of fabrics, including silk elastic fabric, double-sided cashmere, silk and suede. Simple black and white in pink, tan and brown against the background no longer monotonous. 2016 spring and summer by the PabloCoppola designed for her a symbol of luxury and minimalist style fantasy encounter, showing impeccable personality style.

2016 spring and summer series is the “new fashion” (NeoCouture) perfect interpretation. Unique details, inadvertently exudes glamorous atmosphere to create a simple personality style. Silk jacket quite innovative use of hook fixed, leather sandals classic loafers made a new interpretation of the use of suede boots inspired by Brancusi sculptures heel, which are adding to the overall shape of exquisite singular style.

Such ideas are drawn from the same minimalist luxury style classic luxury many old clothes design inspiration, so consider looking through the grandmother’s wardrobe, there may be unexpected gains. For example, fringed suede jackets, dresses and wormholes appear printed buckle pattern silk shirt with a retro belt. These both are stylish classic style, Bally also offers women more likely.

Women shoulder bag for valentines’ day

Diane – Kruger crisp white dress out to the streets, with Mary Katrantzou serpentine handbag spell color fashion items light body, Mary Katrantzou known three-dimensional prints, the new series is the flagship product dubbed MVK small satchel a boxy appearance, there is a strict sense of British style, multi-color collage make you different, do not want to back bad street style, Tanabata wish to send a ticket so that men MVK bag for you.

Girlhood allow children smiles appeared airport, Proenza Schouler PS11 series yellow bags make her look more fresh and bright, Proenza Schouler PS11 series is very popular in Europe, delicate metal buckle is its biggest bright spot, full of sense of structure design , neutral and cool urban fashion Fan children make this bag a “New York style” powerful sound, such a highly refined fashion attitude and pull bags, Tanabata back out certain pocketed keep them coming back.

Gucci Animalier series of bags, in addition to the iconic red and green color, but also with star pattern and a pattern of hearts to go from a girly, cute and romantic, such as Margot Robbie with printed skirt Pretty dreamy look to build it – think discuss female votes favor men who can start, and how can we not so girly girl captured her heart!