Chanel launched new design watches for men

Chanel (Chanel) presents Monsteur watches, designed for men to build a watch. Monsteur de Chanel Chanel’s first watch with homemade Haute Horlogerie movement Calibre 1, when equipped with an instant jump and fly back the minute hand two functions, bold extraordinary, restrained low-key. Select double complex function, digital hour display with the extreme simplicity of the case quiet, everything seems self-evident. Through this watch, men’s watch Chanel interpretation of the beauty of the unique concept of fortitude.

With a momentary jump and fly back the minute hand Calibre 1 movement, designed for Monsteur watches tailor, it is the first design, development, stability testing and assembly by Chanel complete movement.

On this hand-wound mechanical movement from 170 parts composition, with extraordinary extraordinary complex functions, in a word, is not a simple function of these complex attached modules on the main plate, but the main plate and the perfect fusion. Calibre 1 movement contains two complex functions, carrying on the tradition of the greatest respect, and is undoubtedly a masterpiece of contemporary craft, devoted enormous effort Chanel, it took five years to develop a successful party. The dedication of the skills and creativity of its destined glory noble and reliability.

Calibre 1 movement like a pioneer, dedicated to this really explore, pursue pure and exquisite beauty. Calibre 1 movement with the main plate annular hollow bridge table, and in many details to Chanel distinctive design element embellishment. Structured black movement covered with diamond-like carbon (ADLC), sub-black and glossy black vividly on it, filling the meantime. Exquisite decorative highlights the main plate and gentle curve table of the bridge, while the number of custom parts design also echoes Yoshito Square octagonal profile.

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