Chanel plans to update its consumption mode

Even after 90 after 95 is becoming the main consumer groups pushing, it was not that high income and consumption levels 90, but because they are leading the trend of consumption of the whole society, 80 or section 70 after spending habits are willing to 90 after closer. This part is relatively mature consumer fear behind the development of society, the young want to have that kind of life.

As the other end of the consumer market, many public and luxury brands are also closer to the younger consumers, for example, moving from before chanel lady mature design style, gradually to youthful transformation.

90 after generation of young people, 20 years of rapid growth in China’s opening up and economic development, in terms of level of education, consumer attitudes, brand awareness has improved significantly over the previous generation. Especially in the field of view of globalization and overseas terms of life experiences, this generation or even the United States, Japan, the same age can not match.

90 higher quality of life requirements, but they are just entering the job market, income level is the lowest. Growing material and cultural needs of young people and the contradiction between empty wallet, constitute today the waves “consumer upgrade” the main driving force. They temporarily have no money and can not access ritz or fourseasons, and can not afford hermes bv, can not purchase a noble residence in Beijing, Shanghai, afford to go to expensive private lessons …… but they are willing to hang around in shopanystyle and playlounge designer collection shop, willing to develop better living freely in a small apartment, willing to save an enormous amount of physical exercise in beauty care costs keep, want to care more like Li Beika, anny, pomegranate woman such public number.

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