chanel australia sale

chanel australia sale

Chanel plans to update its consumption mode

Even after 90 after 95 is becoming the main consumer groups pushing, it was not that high income and consumption levels 90, but because they are leading the trend of consumption of the whole society, 80 or section 70 after spending habits are willing to 90 after closer. This part is relatively mature consumer fear behind the development of society, the young want to have that kind of life.

As the other end of the consumer market, many public and luxury brands are also closer to the younger consumers, for example, moving from before chanel lady mature design style, gradually to youthful transformation.

90 after generation of young people, 20 years of rapid growth in China’s opening up and economic development, in terms of level of education, consumer attitudes, brand awareness has improved significantly over the previous generation. Especially in the field of view of globalization and overseas terms of life experiences, this generation or even the United States, Japan, the same age can not match.

90 higher quality of life requirements, but they are just entering the job market, income level is the lowest. Growing material and cultural needs of young people and the contradiction between empty wallet, constitute today the waves “consumer upgrade” the main driving force. They temporarily have no money and can not access ritz or fourseasons, and can not afford hermes bv, can not purchase a noble residence in Beijing, Shanghai, afford to go to expensive private lessons …… but they are willing to hang around in shopanystyle and playlounge designer collection shop, willing to develop better living freely in a small apartment, willing to save an enormous amount of physical exercise in beauty care costs keep, want to care more like Li Beika, anny, pomegranate woman such public number.

Things much more important than buying chanel bag

Chanel (CHANEL) value as a symbol not only for external decorating, more often, but also because the intrinsic cultural identity as a showcase, is a woman who has always been like a magic startled in general sought after brand. And it all comes from the heart and soul behind her – Coco – Chanel (Coco Chanel), people are bored about the interpretation of the legendary Coco Chanel Miss wonderful stories, she gave many people the inspiration and spiritual strength.

Now the fashion world seems to be the sum of the dissipation, higher consumption linked to that, it seems to have enough money to play the fashion overturned. But you would not know fashion godmother Coco – Chanel not his mouth with a golden spoon born: 1883, Chanel was born, she was the second child of the family, her parents were not rich even say poverty. Six years old when my mother passed away, then he threw her father and four siblings. On the clothing, she is not a technical education, no education system. When she was an adult that day, she took in the convent school (Convent School) learned first-hand sewing skills, they decided to leave their homeland dreams of career in Paris.

Perhaps no one will think, when the little girl was the US “Time” magazine (1999) 100 years as the most influential artists of the second 20. Former French Culture Minister Malraux had such a period of assessment: “This century will have three names forever French, de Gaulle, Picasso and cocoa – Chanel.” “She did not and territory parliaments, but the rule of a politician than any permanent, every decision she made, transcend national borders and legally-like effect in the world. “

What bags should be worn in Summer?

This is the back of Mimi Jessica Jessica Jung, white shirt flounced hem design, sweet and elegant, but more beautiful or back orange Hermes bags. Simple bright feeling, generous fashion, giving the feeling particularly fresh and seductive, young and lively sense of ultra-bright, distinctive fashion atmosphere, good-looking type.

SHK Chanel recently attended a big show in Beijing, print shirt with a white skirt is standard with the Joe sister, carrying a diamond grain chain bag fashionable and elegant, feminine.

Ha Ji-won wears a suit with nine points jeans, gray saddle bag simple wild, super remarkable temperament. In fact, not only to choose the right clothes, and control their own outfit manner is equally important. For these girls is very important, we have to learn.

Jessica Jessica Jung This white shirt is really exquisite embroidery pattern on the collar and sleeves of sweet and romantic, with large Xiushen Cai jeans, carrying a black mini packet handsome cute.

Fitness Finals of 2016 MARS

2016 MARS Ares fashion fitness contest auditions since early August, has attracted a total of hundreds of people involved in fitness at home and abroad, and in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cities in a fierce sea election recruitment. Finals September 3 at between 10 stand out from the competition audition players for the finals and set up a catwalk show positioning, a free show and the judges review the three links, in addition to the establishment of the award winners, but also set up a Choice Award, best charisma Award and best abs, after nearly two hours of fierce competition, Wang profound, Kuok Khoon Cheng, Zhao Yongqi and other final six lucky winners.

In the ensuing media links, event organizers Beijing Jialong Wen Communications Limited Kay month in January, chairman of Miss Mei said, 2016MARS Ares fashion fitness professional fitness competition with other biggest difference is that this game is a big game and big cross-border integration, in addition to inviting professional fitness contest judge sits, but also invite participation from the fashion, film and television industry and the media industry, in the final scene, the audience can smell a fragrance to match special taste.

“Professional bodybuilding is a relatively narrow niche in the field of China, but the pressure of modern life is growing, more and more ordinary people began to participate in the fitness field, the event also aims to bring more of our common people are concerned about health, just as the slogan of the event, to fight for themselves, and you are the star. “Mr. Yi Yisheng MONSTERZYM president of China, he said in an interview.

How much do you know about Zuckerberg and his office?

Under Mark Zuckerberg (Zuckerberg) office lobby, there is a virtual reality (Virtual Reality) studio. It is said that some countries, political leaders and foreign heads of state here once lost in the anti-gravity or virtual table tennis game shooting experience. As to how many people, how many times come, Zuckerberg seems to remember exactly, or indeed for him to disclose diplomatic protocol. He nonetheless shared Reviewed dignitaries anecdote: “He is on probation when the VR device, do not stop,” Zuckerberg said: “His assistant in the side kept urging him: ‘Mr. Prime Minister, You must leave … we have time to two hours late than the scheduled flights’ “this is what Zuckerberg – the 32-year-old, always a plus jeans, T-shirt Facebook founder and hope CEO– Oculus those users that some reaction.

Oculus but some much more than anti-gravity table tennis, Zuckerberg’s goal is to let the future take our laptops, smart phones, televisions, wall paintings, and even in some cases, the distance and friends exchange. From then on, we no longer need to carry a lot of electronic products, just swipe email, favorite program selection can begin to enjoy the virtual view. We will not just watch movies and play games in a virtual reality, but also to interact with each other.

In his view, as long as the short span of 10 years, “virtual reality will become a mainstream computing platform.” As we can see today smart phone applications explosive growth around it will also establish a complete ecosystem.

“You can wear it to pass through any space,” he said: “For example, I want to play chess, then we can go anywhere with a chess board and even to Mars.”