chanel bags australia

chanel bags australia

Chanel has got slowdown in growth of sales

After a slowdown in growth in the luxury goods market, the well-known luxury brand Chanel also suffered decline in performance. September 1, 2015 annual financial Chanel released data show that as of December 30 last year, Group operating profit of $ 1.6 billion, down 23%. This performance was accused in the luxury goods industry, “pad the bottom.”

Over the past year, Chanel (Chanel) as a European luxury brand in the “lead Big Brother”, the first in the Chinese market price of nearly 20%. Although the move is in response Chanel weak market, but that does not seem to allow the performance of Chanel achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, the recent performance report numerous big-name luxury goods have also heard bad news. Many industry insiders said: “The reasons for the decline in performance is even worse Chanel aspect is subject to the subsequent impact of its price-cutting strategy in China, and make it in China’s domestic sales but not boost, but more depressed addition, UK. off Europe, metropolitan France and other European anti-terrorism political and economic turmoil, but also make Chinese tourists to Europe shopping enthusiasm weakened, which also affected the Chanel, Prada kind of old luxury brand performance continued growth potential. “

Bag got fade in colour after being washed uncarefully

Experience the convenience of a laundry service O2O citizens of Nanjing Ms. Shao, also suffered the embarrassment. She’s worth ten thousand dollars a luxury package sent to a provider of home cleaning services to clean, the color change is actually a. After identification, the packet is artificially recolored, Ms. Shao thereon compensation. Final Trade and Industry under the coordination of the Confucius Temple, the two sides agree on the issue of compensation.

Placed in the past, this may be just the traditional washing service industry is a common case, but now has its particularity is that it occurred in the service sector after washing on the Internet + near, more and more of a variety of laundry APP, the conventional stores Write Switch network booking site collection, skip the store link in understanding each other face to face, this service can make people more at ease? How to pick a reliable consumer online businesses, event of a dispute, how rights? Yangzi Evening News reporter to do a survey.

“I’m in this package worth eighteen thousand yuan or so, is a limited edition cherry pink bag, then wash back later, I feel like the color and were quite different.” Ms. Shao will pack this bag to Nanjing after identification of stores that color is not the color of the package when the sales of the brand, she also look at the bag corners and seams, can really see color.

“I feel very angry, looking for their customer service complaints, the other showed that we look at the chef, how to identify what is going on. I also specifically said that, in any case can not change the color, but who knows when the package again Back to my hands, the connecting seams and corners can be seen in the color are all gone, most likely has been patched color. “Ms. Shao told reporters,” I have already explained this package if repaired, want to go to the store designated place, we do not want to move anywhere, while the other two promised me, but eventually also on the color, I think that there is suspicion of destruction of evidence. “

Crazy bag specially for fashion bloggers

Yves Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) introduced a new handbag and directly named “Blogger Bag”, yes, you’re not wrong, translates bloggers package. Today, bloggers in fashion circles growing influence, Yves Saint Laurent named seize the topic of this new handbag in social media immediately get a lot of exposure.

This bag looks and street style Gerber main style is matched mini strap, in black, pink and sky blue, the iconic logo embedded attractive, large enough to mount an iPhone 6s, for shooting Instagram image is very convenient, echoing the daily needs of bloggers, for shot put, street shooting, self-timer.

According to reports, which bags priced at $ 995, the price is attractive, plus the name of fun and personality handbags, luxury of advocating people may have great appeal.

luxury Evian bottled water

Daunting price of luxury goods, but to buy the luxury designer brand of bottled water is easy. This year is the French mineral water brand Evian Evian limited edition commemorative bottles tenth year, the French fashion brand Christian Lacroix Evian Evian mineral water again penned commemorative bottles.

It is reported that the design of the 750 ml Evian Evian mineral water bottles into blue and pink to commemorate two, Sacha Walckhoff Christian Lacroix brand creative director, said two shades symbolize sunrise and sunset time horizon gradient. Both bottles will begin tomorrow in hotels, cafes, restaurants and stores. The use pattern commemorative bottle called “Paseo”, first appeared in the fall of 2002, Lacroix show, this pattern has been widely used in Lacroix handbags, household products.

It is understood that, for the first time in 2007 Lacroix to Evian Evian bottle design, high prices but beautiful bottle by consumers. The next decade, Evian mineral water, Evian and fashion circles they frequent cross-border cooperation, every year, and high-end fashion brand to launch a sophisticated design limited edition commemorative bottles.

There goes Facebook’s most valuable satellite

SpaceX launch was originally scheduled for this Saturday’s Falcon 9 rocket launcher fails because the explosion occurred in the US Eastern time Thursday 9:15. The accident happened at Florida Canaveral Air Force Base launch pad SLC-40.

By SpaceX confirmed that the explosion led directly to an Internet Facebook first satellite was completely destroyed, the loss amounted to 200 million US dollars (about 1.33 billion yuan), but fortunately caused no casualties. According to the original plan, it is the Internet’s first satellite launch Facebook “Amos-6” in local time Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses said a few kilometers away felt the quake caused the explosion, but, within a few minutes after the Big Bang, several explosions occurred in succession.

It is reported that, Facebook project originally planned to African residents free Internet service with AMOS-6 satellite. The satellite can take advantage of the current device provides user-level Internet access services to ensure the residents of the most remote areas of Africa access to the Internet.

Facebook’s mission is to connect the world. We believe that, in addressing the barriers to connectivity problems in Africa, the satellite will play an important role.

I am very disappointed, SpaceX launch failures, while destroying our satellite. AMOS-6 satellite is supposed to provide Internet connection service for African residents.