chanel handbags australia

chanel handbags australia

The new Chanel J12 Women’s Watch

Since 1987, launched the first watch “Première”, Chanel has set up its own watch world. Most recently, Ms. Chanel introduced a new watch, 19 mm in diameter ultra-mini size design, while there are rings, bracelets, gloves and many other styles, new ideas that break conventional ideas shape when opened meter, making this ladies watches not only stylish modern, but also very real interesting ride. Let us work together to feel this ladies watches brought self, unique and interesting.

Such a group of girls, who clearly know what they want, they will not parrot, indulgent, I really persistent. They will choose to follow his heart desired, like love, do not like to change or away. Bo eye? Posturing? NO! They just loyal to self cool girl.

Ceramic watches Chanel J12 XS is to this girl and to create! Because this girl not a law-abiding, nothing new ladies watch, they want to hand control of their own way and style wearing this watch must have a unique style, and can express themselves ladies watches. Chanel J12 XS is such a watch, it’s just loyal to their own, without the world watching; it is not just a timepiece, the courage to open up more to give people time. Ms. Chanel watches J12XS exact their mind, be sincere praise.

A woman’s bag got stolen in chongqing

17:50 News hot summer weather, fire alarm turned hot topic again. Recently, who lives in Chongqing Jiulongpo Xipeng Sister Lee in their own stores lunch break, in order to prevent theft of the backpack, specially the straps of the backpack wrapped around his arm. I did not expect to wake up, strap backpack still, bags do not have it.

June 18 14 am, a facade Jiulongpo Xipeng Datong Street occurred pickpocketing. The people Ms. Lee lying on the facade of the Liang Yi sleep for fear asleep after stolen carry bag, she went to the bag strap wrapped around his right forearm.

A few minutes later, Ms. Lee has a ring to hear the back door, he woke up. Then she saw the bag under their arm, left shoulder strap, the bag was cut, and 1100 yuan in cash within the package also pickpocketing. Lee police immediately.

The day after receiving the alarm, the West Peng police station to investigate immediately. After visits to the masses, the police within two hours successfully locked crime suspects Tongmou. June 25 20 am, police learned Tongmou near Tongguanyi nitrogen fertilizer plant in the town of Jiulongpo appear immediately on its implementation of arrest and arrested him.

After appearing in court suspects Tongmou its pickpocketing confessed to the crime, at present, Tongmou compulsory measures have been taken, the case is under further investigation.

French bags through the centuries

Recently on the network, this group of photos by the French forwards crazy on social networks, because this picture suddenly pulled into the time machine, back through a hundred years ago, in 1912, photographs, and streets in the hundred years of the same building is now almost exactly the same! So easy to give France a total time of delusion, that time passes more slowly, the scenery around never changed.

French people do not just nostalgia for buildings addiction, the French also fond of the local stuff, such as their language, their culture, their brand, their cafes and so on.

The essence of the French woman’s charm, it is gorgeous and understated elegance. French woman might spend half an hour or even longer to make the whole hair out but you can not see her dressed up, just think she’s beautiful. They will not let go makeup to cover their own charm and individuality. They are well aware of the brand and quality, but it will never be a big dress and spokesmen like body covered with labels. Because they know, it is to use the brand to set off the people, not the big show.

Buy clothes and accessories of the most important is the quality, rather than brand and price. France will have a number of exquisite design exquisite local brands, they work from the design to the materials to absolutely not lose big. Their international visibility often is not high, but it is the height of the French woman who loved the low-key brand. Xiao Bian today will take you through a, a grilled steak that has withstood the test of time and double the market, after a century of fire still in France let in metropolitan France bag brand.

Open a new chapter in the wedding business

Love is a fashion induced to follow the development trend of media industry transformation and upgrading of services and resources and relying Fashion Group brand and the creation of cultural content consumer technology companies. Thanks to the powerful influence of Fashion Group, now has 1.3 million users of new media, as well as covering the full range of living up to one hundred fashion editors support human resources, became the bride wedding services enterprises in the leader.

Cause love fashion, its target user group is the high-end consumer groups still married, but Lily network currently has more than one hundred million registered users, many of the online real name Lily network and new media registered users active users, are likely for support business development and market space. There is no doubt that cooperation between the two after, Lily network will become an important way to get high-quality fashion love caused users.

And Lily network side said that this investment will help the company wedding business layout in marriage industry chain, fashion induced love as a high-end wedding is still information platform to provide users with the most cutting-edge, international marriage is still the information at the same time, relying on wedding industry for many years of accumulation of resources, to provide high quality systematic weddings and wedding-related services. After the completion of the acquisition, its strong brand appeal and the authority of the user confidence will help Lily innovative traditional wedding industry, for the couple to provide high quality, comprehensive, unique wedding service, to achieve full quality experience, to build China excellent chips marriage platform to further boost lily network marriage implementation of the whole industry chain strategy.

McAfee requires to regain the right to use the name

World-renowned anti-virus software McAfee in August 2010 by Intel with $ 7.7 billion acquisition, and later in 2014, Intel announced the McAfee renamed “Intel Security” (Intel Security), for reasons largely outside speculation and McAfee founder john McAfee related. John McAfee has since shot neighbor was wanted, a series of activities for McAfee maverick declared mess. However, after another source said, Intel intends to sell McAfee, is the “Intel Security”, and now, Intel and McAfee disputes not finished, McAfee founder John McAfee Intel will now have complaint to court on the grounds that require re the right to use their name in the new company.

McAfee in the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court, said, Intel warned that any use of the names of all the relevant McAfee trademark infringement Intel acquired in 2010 to deal in him. That is, after the acquisition, McAfee can no longer use his name to name the new company otherwise would violate Intel trademark.

Statistics show that after the acquisition of McAfee by Intel, its founder John McAfee subsequently joined the digital gaming company MGTCapital Investments, as chairman and CEO, and the company plans renamed “John McAfee Global Technologies” (John McAfee Global Technologies Inc). The relevant provisions of the Intel McAfee’s obviously the new company name caused the obstruction.