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cheap chanel australia

Start new from owning a chanel j12 watch

Everyone needs to continue to break their own, to find a new self. In fact, the breakthrough is not difficult, let Chanel J12 XS wristwatch you find yourself not the same! Chanel J12 XS watches, so that every girl can find their own style. This style is not arrogant posturing, but after years of sedimentation warmth. Offbeat Chanel J12 XS watches make a million women have self-seeking, the courage to refuse to compromise. Now, let us together to experience a watch from the Chanel J12 XS brings transformation journey.

Cool Girl courage to face the public to show the true self, rejected all behave, dare to break the existing rules, breaking the traditional, unique. They wear simple, clear lines, unconventional, but they can only blossomed. As a minimalist style Chanel J12 XS, either classical tradition, but also to subvert the traditional, yet also highlight the personality introverted attitude, filling style Declaration unfettered. The maverick ladies watch, 19mm dial is deliberately casual, elegant in the heart, the atmosphere in shape. It is specially designed, exquisitely delicate, but highly anticipated. The Chanel watches cool to make their own definition of the so-called rules for women to bring freedom and bold determination, so that they adhere to self, refusing to compromise, do yourself unparalleled.

Cool girl has the most freedom really my lifestyle, they are good at finding fun in life, and all the new things to keep curiosity, never tedious. Chanel J12 XS, just to meet their interesting wild fun hobby. Ms. writing this watch unique watch to wear law, TA may be a watch, it can be gloves, also, or rings, the interpretation of the infinite possible confusion between. TA have different ways to wear at any time with the amazing mood, cool to let you enjoy with freewheeling fun. Whether in the workplace, at home, or go out to play, every minute has its own unique fashion attitude, edgy, bold, modern, modern fashion attitude. Different methods and cool girls wear a variety of personality traits can deduce a different kind of beauty, let them how to wear how cool and impressive. So simple, so cool fashion mix girl can easily manage and enjoy wild fun.

Salvatore Ferragamo launched its new series women bags

The series is named Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo, not only fulfilled the promise the brand has long been committed to carrying emerging artistic talent, but also the founder of the Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo unique life experience and inexhaustible creativity tribute.

Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo series revealed in elegant refined the production process little more playful temperament, into stylish modern elements to the traditional design of the essence, the perfect interpretation lo splendore della vita (bright life) Italian concept, and it is in under this idea, inspired by Mr. Salvatore opened his creative artistic path, pleasure and satisfaction to expand the tireless quest.

Inspired by designer Sara Battaglia according to the most classic Ferragamo shoes “Rainbow Shoes” wedge shoes (Rainbow) wedge shoe. “Rainbow Shoes” launched in 1938, for the big screen idol Judy Garland (Judy Garland) is designed, the brand has always been proud of. Sara classic start, and then integrate their own unique ideas in order to create a variety of fashion lady rainbow bag and small leather goods, amazing.

Turkey handmade bag pursued by most fashion stars

No one thought fashion blogger Eva Chen just follow the daily routine, the car lying on the bag placed in the sun for a sun feet, a little-known Turkish brand so jump red. I have been working with small series like everyone said the same, Turkey absolutely trendy, this fashion from her rich history. A Yeah, like some beside the point, all of a sudden the fire up the brand is MANU Atelier.

In the end it suddenly how red it, but only one of the founders established the store in Turkey’s famous department store Vakko Manu Atelierd of Beste said: “crazy customers from China, and Turkey almost put us in Vakko. inventory all bought. “, he was forced to limit the number of consumers per month to buy three bags. But everything is not over yet, because the world started out of stock.

But also from all the distant 1954, that when a 2-year-old boy with his family from Macedonia Bitola emigrated to Istanbul, Turkey time. Perhaps this little boy and he never thought he wanted to become a 11-year-old craftsman decision will change his life, and even affect the next generation. He is a good cobbler Turkey Adnan Manastir, now a young man has been unable to meditate in the traditional manual also the era of the old cobbler Beste and Merve has two daughters in February 2014 created the MANU Atelier studio, inherited his father two girls with their craft keen sense of fashion, with ancient crafting modern Mo Dengfan children thick bags, they have been firmly remember my father’s words, both “manual is a belief, money is not come. “. So they gave himself MUNU this name because it comes from their name.

Still too early for Yinhu’s return

Social networking came again will return to Guangzhou Hengda coach Marcello Lippi after the Italian media yesterday carried a follow-up report, claiming that Lippi has reached an agreement with Hengda, Hengda will return to coaching next season, and the current Hengda coach Adams Kolari and the team will not be renewed. However, this argument has been rumor, now say what team coach Marcello Lippi next season is too early to say whom.

“Hengda Xuanshuai have a mature system, and Lippi agreement and so on, are all false rumors.” Yesterday, a source close to the Information Times reporter Hengda rumor Road. “Every year the impact of Champions critical moment, there is always this kind of interference sound came out,” the source added: “It is now the most important moment of the season, the club will not make that move from creating chaos in the heart.”

Lippi after the 2012 season came in the middle of the bigger, until the end of the 2014 season, a total coached Hengda 126 games, scored 82 wins and 23 flat 21 negative results, winning percentage as high as 65.08%. In addition he led the Super Hengda completed three consecutive, won the FA Cup title in 2012, but in 2013 it is led by Hengda won the AFC championship, and won the best coach of the Super League season. After leaving the position of Hengda coach Marcello Lippi he has served as technical director of the team a short time, but then resigned.

The prophecy of internet+ car

Standing in my point of view, the car in the past so many years of development, in fact, continue to resolve a consumer product as the product itself should be some changes and some property, that is, around the product quality and product capacity, to meet the needs of the user’s purchase direction is constantly moving forward and developing. So we can see that pipeline operations, lean production and now the platform is in fact largely solve the problem of the product itself quality and capacity.

Up to today, we are discussing the intelligent network linking cars, in fact, there are many Internet companies actively involved in development or production of cars or in vehicle technology. But on our point of view, in fact, the Internet itself to the development of the car is certainly helpful, but it does not mean that Internet companies can cause any impact on the automobile industry, or that Internet companies will go to subvert the automobile industry. We believe the Internet itself more and thinking ability to help the automobile industry.

Here we can have some examples to illustrate, in fact, the Internet or software companies involved in hardware manufacture follow-up is not very good. For example, Microsoft then put our favorite Nokia to buy a brand, but today we take a look at Microsoft’s Nokia also exist? He had almost died out. We also heard some time ago Google to the Motorola acquisition, which is a pure Internet company, but today we take a look at Motorola into what? That is true of software or Internet companies involved in hardware manufacture, at least so far we have not really seen the success stories.