cheap chanel bags australia

cheap chanel bags australia

New ad agent of coco chanel 5 perfume

Chanel perfume on the 5th all-new water Recently grand listed, but before they announced this, Lily Rose Depp will serve as the new perfume N ° 5 L’EAU propaganda tracts of the 5th Water spokesperson, a current from the Chanel perfume perfumer Olivier make effort to build a giant wave of innovation. Lily Rose Depp stars in the halo of parents, childhood received attention from many aspects. And the endorsement Fool water, it is so only 16 years old she was, in the fashion industry gains its own place. In this season, so Chanel perfume with Lily Rose Depp show with fresh, elegant, stylish new attitude.

As early as September 2015, Lily Rose Depp had served as Chanel Pearl glasses series spokesperson. In recent years, she also repeatedly invited to the Chanel fashion show, she manifested the spirit of the times, advocating freedom of values ​​and fearless heart of the pursuit of perfection, the brand timeless classic Chanel perfume injected fresh and charming unique charm, but also a consistent brand coincides with the spirit and Chanel.

But until she officially became the new spokesperson Fool water after a lot of talent began to have a better understanding of Lily Rose Depp, Star II, Johnny Depp’s daughter, young girls, Fool water spokesperson, these Reading labels for her, but to cover up part of the real her.

Since birth, “Star II” aura will grow along with Lily Rose Depp, in the eyes of the world, with the help of the father of the actor, she has long been a natural advantage, coupled with the good genes of both parents, in also looks out on too graceful, delicate and lovely. All in all, let this 16 year old girl and bright sunshine, happy, smiling broadly so-called innocent. But this is both a main force fueling, while somewhere is also a natural growth resistance.

Simple leather bag has become the first choice of work ladies

For the public, and to work out daily business, it requires a considerable capacity, decent bag. Recently, the reporter visited the market found that, in the new emerging markets in the bag, the price is not easy obsolete textured leather bag is relatively stable, and most white-collar workers alike.

A large mall within the city, a bag store, the reporter saw, leather, canvas, nylon and other materials of different bag by men’s and women’s subregional neatly placed, some plush texture of the bag being Dongkuan placed near the entrance area discounts. According to store owner Ms. Lee introduced different styles and materials of the bag, there will be a specific consumer groups, students prefer canvas, nylon shoulder bag, while the workers are like simple style leather shoulder bag or messenger bag. “Like canvas bags stuffed these materials, due to the change of seasons and pop elements arising from price changes, and some will discount season, but because of the texture of leather bags, the use of long-life, and the style difficult to date, general year-round price volatility is not down. “Ms. Lee said.

They are selected store bags Wang told reporters:. “For office workers, not only have a functional bag, but also can play a decorative role with, I would choose the use of leather bag leather bag and long life not easy to date, it can reduce the frequent change package trouble. “

You could be beautiful for the whole summer with these 4 different colours bags

Want bags is the key element in the United States and the United States this summer, the street alone beautiful clothes naturally is not enough to choose a sophisticated and eye-catching. From the year’s most popular crystal powder, quiet blue, the fresh white and gorgeous rainbow … more and more brands to “curry favor” female audience have launched a colorful section of the package, it is hard to resist. Want simple and elegant dress appears to have spirit, with a bright pink color handbag can; want to print dress more attractive, highly saturated color lines bag most of the board; even the hot season tannins money on clothing with color bag is also more exciting. How, the beauty of the posters do not hurry to start a Girl?

The rise of the minimalist white pinnacle. Clean, simple, pure, a white bag can easily Hold live all four seasons dress. With black pants, you can not be a classic; with a white dress is refreshing doubled. The only caution is that easy to dirty white handbag without staining, girls, always ready “with their lives to protect” Your white handbag!

The warm red clothes to wear body may be too high Q, or take a look at how the influx of people love red poured it in the bag. Whether more than usual low-key, as long as a red handbag can ensure that you are more eye-catching, more sexy, more fashionable. If you want to increase the mature charm, simply select only a simple type of handbags, revel in the natural flavor of this woman. In addition to being blooming red, burgundy retro, vibrant orange is a popular color in spring and summer.

What influences the development of fast fashion?

In recent years, with the rapid design, fast market, update fast three major advantages, H & M, C & A, ZARA, Uniqlo fast fashion brands in the domestic sales rising rapidly. However, in these crazy brand shop in China, while repeatedly broke its quality issues have also been criticized by the public, the alleged plagiarism style design big voices of doubt have been prevalent.

Insiders said that the fast fashion brand, it is essential to find a balance point of the speed of development, its speed can be fast introduction of new products, but the product quality inspection process was not fast. In the fashion of the premise of quality assurance, to win consumer recognition.

“Can you imagine, yesterday Fashion Week debut clothing, just a few days later, the same or similar style hung in the fast fashion brand stores, the speed of this new fashion of many young people, it is definitely Unable to resist the temptation. “Turning to the reasons love fast fashion brand, after 85 consumers Anne said.

“Fast fashion brand has been able to expand rapidly, mainly due to the new speed and commodity domestic consumer demand constant pursuit of fashion trends coincide.” A women’s designer brands, “he said consumer demands for clothing more to the more avant-garde, they are eager to showcase their new products in different styles, and fast fashion brand just to meet their psychological demands this. “

Achieve the ultimate shopping experience

On August 31, Jingdong supermarket “potential · win” action conference in Jingdong Group Headquarters, Block B Hall was held after the conference ended, speed transit network with a number of media Jingdong group vice president, Consumer Products Division, president of Jingdong Mall Feng Yi, general manager of the maternal and Child Department Liu Lizhen, dry food business unit general manager Li Changming, general manager of a business unit care cleaning horse Zheng Qi, general manager of beauty Ting Yan Yuelong business unit and general manager of marketing of the interviews were conducted, together Interpretation of the story Jingdong small supermarket behind the target.

Jingdong Supermarket released at the press conference in a big four “potential · win” initiatives, these initiatives category for what impact? To solve this problem, general manager Qi Ting Beauty business Jingdong Mall Consumer Products Division. Beauty is a category very unique category, popular TV drama category will lead to the growth of beauty, hope Jingdong platform and brand to a stronger binding, so as to play the role of Jingdong. Jingdong hopes to monitor big data to meet consumer demand, while Beijing Teng also plans to help users save time costs.

Brand promotion, experience upgrade has become a large electricity providers in their efforts to pursue the direction, then after the upgrade if cost pressures will increase it? Vice president of Jingdong Group, Feng Yi Consumer division president Jingdong Mall, he said some time ago Jingdong released earnings, earnings Jingdong is shown in profit, indicating that the scale effect has been reflected in the Jingdong, Jingdong has been seeking ways to save costs. The cost savings, profit to consumers, Jingdong has been doing.