cheap chanel handbags australia

cheap chanel handbags australia

Why does chanel release new chanel 5 recently?

According to the report, as of December 30, 2015 Chanel Group revenue $ 6.24 billion, or about 5.5 billion euros, down 17 percent year on year last year; operating profit of $ 1.6 billion, down 23%. Its cosmetics and fragrance business income of $ 2.91 billion, or about 2.6 billion euros, down 21%.

However, it is worth mentioning is expected to reach $ 45.6 billion under the background of the global fragrance market in 2018, an increase of fragrance products has become a large luxury brands significantly improve business performance and balance Fuji magic.

In 2011 Valentino and Fendi launched its first perfume; 2013 Burberry launched its first autonomous perfume; after this year LV is following the 1927 introduction of Heures d ‘Absence, 1928 launched Je, Tu, Il, again after a lapse of nearly 90 years Release perfume.

In addition, world-renowned luxury car brand Bentley after the introduction of a new series of handbags, but also to reach out to the perfume market. Prada Vice-line brand Miu Miu also in 2015 in cooperation with the world’s largest fragrance company Coty launched its first fragrance products.

Women shoulder bag for valentines’ day

Diane – Kruger crisp white dress out to the streets, with Mary Katrantzou serpentine handbag spell color fashion items light body, Mary Katrantzou known three-dimensional prints, the new series is the flagship product dubbed MVK small satchel a boxy appearance, there is a strict sense of British style, multi-color collage make you different, do not want to back bad street style, Tanabata wish to send a ticket so that men MVK bag for you.

Girlhood allow children smiles appeared airport, Proenza Schouler PS11 series yellow bags make her look more fresh and bright, Proenza Schouler PS11 series is very popular in Europe, delicate metal buckle is its biggest bright spot, full of sense of structure design , neutral and cool urban fashion Fan children make this bag a “New York style” powerful sound, such a highly refined fashion attitude and pull bags, Tanabata back out certain pocketed keep them coming back.

Gucci Animalier series of bags, in addition to the iconic red and green color, but also with star pattern and a pattern of hearts to go from a girly, cute and romantic, such as Margot Robbie with printed skirt Pretty dreamy look to build it – think discuss female votes favor men who can start, and how can we not so girly girl captured her heart!

Recommended handbags for different occasions

What qingshunv keywords yes, yes fine ah! Without good body and young face, female elite all walks of life, of course, rely on bags to enhance the gas field. Posters compiled code that bag is the most worthwhile investment pay big bucks to fashion items. Light Older women have a certain economic capacity and more sophisticated handbags worth the investment: daily commute, travel essential Tote bags, computer, files can easily hold; section of the package of choice for lightweight portable shoulder bag, office workers, help your hands free; attended the reception, corporate annual meetings and other occasions you need an elegant clutch. Where there is life, not just chop hands, quick and posters compiled code together with the favorite bag Add to Wishlist!

Tote bag is definitely a must-have item daily commute! An exquisite Tote bag in hand, instant gas field bursting, if not wear high heels can easily workplace female elite that is, as the sense of Get. Secondly, Tote bag very practical ah! 13-inch computer, A4 paper documents can be installed under a canvas computer bag than to be more fashionable, right? Whether you wear more beautiful, a canvas bag and immediately destroy all.

The young girl who absolutely loves gold shoulder bag! Lightweight portable shoulder bag so cute, of course, no documents and a computer, a shoulder bag capacity can meet the daily needs of workers, but also help you liberate your hands! In the rush of North Canton and other cities, which are the choice of public transport qingshunv how important it is to work ah! Removing working hours, weekend shopping and a back shoulder bag is excellent. Nothing is more wild than shoulder bag, what style can Hold live, office workers can choose a low-key black, white, khaki package, weekend shopping trips, then red, blue section of the package is a good select!

Mid-Autumn Festival this year has a new fashion

At 10:00 on September 4, a special tasting held at the 16th International Baking Sichuan Food Fair and the Mid-Autumn Festival site. Well-known sommelier in Chengdu Shawan Convention Centre to the public friends about the wine knowledge and the concept of color, aroma, taste quality wine of the three-step method, the public visiting the exhibition aroused great interest.

In the presentation of the host, the Weiao De France Bordeaux estate, Wei Yate Castle, France Meadow Quebec Angelina castles and other areas of the wines to be “invited” to the active site. The organizing committee invited sommeliers of these classic wine and taste characteristics were introduced and invited members of the public scene friends now learning product, carried out on several French wine tasting.

“This event is really interesting,” public Wang told reporters that he usually would drink red wine, but for wine tasting knowledge and methods but it is not much to understand, “Through today’s event to learn the relevant knowledge, then goods from wine to have more taste. “

The innovation of construction industry

Today to share is that we built in the implementation of the “Internet +” and a national strategy to make some time thinking and achievements, the Internet TV has built a history of about three years or so, a small achievement gains today, then I put today’s topic is divided into three parts.

The first part of the talk about our understanding of “Internet +” and the second in the construction industry “Internet +” How does it work, and finally share in the construction of the “Internet +” on strategies and initiatives.

Keqiang premier since he took office has been promoting the “Internet +” national strategy “Internet +” is actually an innovative 2.0, the new format of the Internet, but also a new form of non-form, along with the knowledge society to move, driving today’s society change is not only ubiquitous network, but ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous technology and ubiquitous knowledge.

From the Internet to the “Internet +” has occurred and what the nature of revolutionary change? To B is not the Internet industry, and it now combines all the real economy can be combined, including the third time is a very important part in promoting the Internet like electricity or water, as between it and the various sectors is an upgrade relations.

Now the “Internet +” mobile Internet, cloud computing combined with modern manufacturing, and promote the healthy development of electronic commerce and the Internet industry and the Internet finance.