coco chanel australia online

coco chanel australia online

New chanel watches are released to the world

Women Chanel boutique indicators (CHANEL), and occasionally to meet the needs of men. This time the new Monsieur de CHANEL watch, but for men presented watches, from the exterior to the internal movement, completely professionally tailored and unique creativity.

“Monsieur” in French “gentleman” means, in response to a gentleman’s intrinsic elegance and style, Chanel created the first watch factory made a complex movement CALIBRE 1, from the design, development and assembly is completed and tested all their own shot .

This is the gold manual winding movement, with the instant when jumping and retrograde-minute functions and a 3-day power reserve efficacy, took five years to complete research and development, the movement of the parts which have been ADLC diamond-like carbon coating treatment to fog matte and glossy black, the overall structure of staggered design is completed, through the transparent case-back that is able to visit this unique genus Chanel style atmosphere.

Table diameter 41 mm round Monsieur watch face plate configuration is also simple and clear function display, 6 o’clock position in Paris Yoshito Square octagonal shape design digital hopping window, with eccentric design 240 o Deputy retrograde minute hand dial , sandwiched small seconds, calm exterior style is simple but elegant.

Bally Released 2016 spring and summer ladies bags

Ms. Spring-Summer 2016 refined and elegant tribute to the Italian, French fashion while incorporating simple and elegant, creating minimalist luxury style; selection of fine fabrics, tailoring simple and elegant, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality. This series of profile shape loose clothing, choose a variety of fabrics, including silk elastic fabric, double-sided cashmere, silk and suede. Simple black and white in pink, tan and brown against the background no longer monotonous. 2016 spring and summer by the PabloCoppola designed for her a symbol of luxury and minimalist style fantasy encounter, showing impeccable personality style.

2016 spring and summer series is the “new fashion” (NeoCouture) perfect interpretation. Unique details, inadvertently exudes glamorous atmosphere to create a simple personality style. Silk jacket quite innovative use of hook fixed, leather sandals classic loafers made a new interpretation of the use of suede boots inspired by Brancusi sculptures heel, which are adding to the overall shape of exquisite singular style.

Such ideas are drawn from the same minimalist luxury style classic luxury many old clothes design inspiration, so consider looking through the grandmother’s wardrobe, there may be unexpected gains. For example, fringed suede jackets, dresses and wormholes appear printed buckle pattern silk shirt with a retro belt. These both are stylish classic style, Bally also offers women more likely.

Bags with different charms were used to show people’s personalities

With wool CHARM style bag influx of people from various quarters have been sought after, different fur ball pendant can mix and match a variety of bags, whether it is large or small section models, by matching only makes you whole increase highlights modeling, but also great range of fashion up to the people is so worn out!

Slim tops and skirts irregular wear clothing with elegant style, black clutch is exudes a simple retro atmosphere, light-colored hair ball embellishment to the overall look is more refined.

Motorcycle jacket and shorts with straps gray T-shirt, showing both retro and modern styling, black messenger bag coordinated clothing colors cute and playful hair ball decoration.

Black and white patterned shirt with color hair CHARM want to echo, simple two-color chain bag with highlights feminine, hair ball bag with a combination of both casual and tasteful.

dragoo hairball with interesting design element, white clutch with a similar material, both retro and added some witty sense, the small details with arbitrary interpretation of beauty.

Hot marketing might be more closer to people’s life

Each new media are doing a hot marketing, any company must interactive communication, but why do not you popular in the first? “In the community – leading operators will share real big coffee” on the social media marketing industry senior planner Baijin Chun explains why many hotspots highlights the lack of marketing, a lot of interactive content from all Hi, and by doing several cases interpretation of the brand’s key points.

“Interactive grounded gas, is between the brand and the audience you come to me to process, and support interactive thing is the content.” Baijin Chun see the text represents 1.0 times, 2.0 times to see the picture, with the height of the development of mobile terminals, 3.0 times to see the video.

He said that from the perspective of brand reputation, more through copy and visually presented. “Mature brand in a marketing or word of mouth to do when people have to say, then ground gas, do you want to hit the fan point of interest content output in hot occasion when you want to tricks, not to blindly chase hot spots hot, so no sense. ”

Turning to brand younger, Baijin Chun now represents 95.3% of the 90 that the brand should have its own attitude, high popularity after the endorsement of the choice of 90 have a significant role, “because after 90 will be more hope that the brand conveys a relaxed pleasant feeling. ”

“In the community – leading operators will share real big coffee” initiated by Xiaoyun community, aims to popularize the concept of community, promote community development, community operators to provide a learning platform for the exchange, and will in the country held throughout the country. Xiaoyun Communities is a leading community cloud platform that provides community solutions APP, micro station, so the whole community micro platform that helps businesses build Web sites and exclusive community ecology, including Qijiang online, go-between, Lang brand special song, including more than 50,000 local sites, industry and enterprise platforms are used to build community Xiaoyun exclusive community service.

Internationalization needs high-tech entrepreneurs

On August 26, concern, “Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum Summer Summit” held in Xi’an. In the theme of “Poetry and the distance,” the speech, the US group ceo Wang published a review of Chinese Internet companies international perspective, he believes that Chinese Internet companies to international, high-tech on the one hand, on the one hand to earth .

Wang believes that China’s Internet companies want to play well, “the second half” is not easy, because the game is no intermission, which requires Chinese Internet companies continued R & D investment, to do high-tech. As part of the world, China should, together with other countries to promote the development of high technology.

Chinese enterprises as latecomers, how to find opportunities in the world of the Internet in the bat? Wang believes that the right strategy and the year of Huawei’s internationalization, as on the one hand to high-tech, on the one hand to ground gas.

“Sure to high-tech, because the Internet itself needs technical content,” Wang said, “If you do not ground gas, to make a very light, very thin business, competition core technical resources, then frankly I do not think China’s Internet companies than the United States has a great advantage as Huawei initially started not rely on high-tech, but by performance than Ericsson, Lucent good, the other is grounded by gas, and Chinese labor cost advantage, with the dirty work so hard to do strengths to expand the international market. ”

Wang believes that there is a large overseas market, China’s Internet companies should go to overseas, and “Internet +” is the Chinese Internet companies the best opportunities of globalization, which can be formed and the US Internet companies to differentiate.

“So we have to high-tech, on the one hand to ground gas,” Wang said, “so have the opportunity to use the advantages of China’s expanding global market, to get distant markets.”