Chanel has got slowdown in growth of sales

After a slowdown in growth in the luxury goods market, the well-known luxury brand Chanel also suffered decline in performance. September 1, 2015 annual financial Chanel released data show that as of December 30 last year, Group operating profit of $ 1.6 billion, down 23%. This performance was accused in the luxury goods industry, “pad the bottom.”

Over the past year, Chanel (Chanel) as a European luxury brand in the “lead Big Brother”, the first in the Chinese market price of nearly 20%. Although the move is in response Chanel weak market, but that does not seem to allow the performance of Chanel achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, the recent performance report numerous big-name luxury goods have also heard bad news. Many industry insiders said: “The reasons for the decline in performance is even worse Chanel aspect is subject to the subsequent impact of its price-cutting strategy in China, and make it in China’s domestic sales but not boost, but more depressed addition, UK. off Europe, metropolitan France and other European anti-terrorism political and economic turmoil, but also make Chinese tourists to Europe shopping enthusiasm weakened, which also affected the Chanel, Prada kind of old luxury brand performance continued growth potential. “

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