New ad agent of coco chanel 5 perfume

Chanel perfume on the 5th all-new water Recently grand listed, but before they announced this, Lily Rose Depp will serve as the new perfume N ° 5 L’EAU propaganda tracts of the 5th Water spokesperson, a current from the Chanel perfume perfumer Olivier make effort to build a giant wave of innovation. Lily Rose Depp stars in the halo of parents, childhood received attention from many aspects. And the endorsement Fool water, it is so only 16 years old she was, in the fashion industry gains its own place. In this season, so Chanel perfume with Lily Rose Depp show with fresh, elegant, stylish new attitude.

As early as September 2015, Lily Rose Depp had served as Chanel Pearl glasses series spokesperson. In recent years, she also repeatedly invited to the Chanel fashion show, she manifested the spirit of the times, advocating freedom of values ​​and fearless heart of the pursuit of perfection, the brand timeless classic Chanel perfume injected fresh and charming unique charm, but also a consistent brand coincides with the spirit and Chanel.

But until she officially became the new spokesperson Fool water after a lot of talent began to have a better understanding of Lily Rose Depp, Star II, Johnny Depp’s daughter, young girls, Fool water spokesperson, these Reading labels for her, but to cover up part of the real her.

Since birth, “Star II” aura will grow along with Lily Rose Depp, in the eyes of the world, with the help of the father of the actor, she has long been a natural advantage, coupled with the good genes of both parents, in also looks out on too graceful, delicate and lovely. All in all, let this 16 year old girl and bright sunshine, happy, smiling broadly so-called innocent. But this is both a main force fueling, while somewhere is also a natural growth resistance.

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