Bally Released 2016 spring and summer ladies bags

Ms. Spring-Summer 2016 refined and elegant tribute to the Italian, French fashion while incorporating simple and elegant, creating minimalist luxury style; selection of fine fabrics, tailoring simple and elegant, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality. This series of profile shape loose clothing, choose a variety of fabrics, including silk elastic fabric, double-sided cashmere, silk and suede. Simple black and white in pink, tan and brown against the background no longer monotonous. 2016 spring and summer by the PabloCoppola designed for her a symbol of luxury and minimalist style fantasy encounter, showing impeccable personality style.

2016 spring and summer series is the “new fashion” (NeoCouture) perfect interpretation. Unique details, inadvertently exudes glamorous atmosphere to create a simple personality style. Silk jacket quite innovative use of hook fixed, leather sandals classic loafers made a new interpretation of the use of suede boots inspired by Brancusi sculptures heel, which are adding to the overall shape of exquisite singular style.

Such ideas are drawn from the same minimalist luxury style classic luxury many old clothes design inspiration, so consider looking through the grandmother’s wardrobe, there may be unexpected gains. For example, fringed suede jackets, dresses and wormholes appear printed buckle pattern silk shirt with a retro belt. These both are stylish classic style, Bally also offers women more likely.

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