Simple leather bag has become the first choice of work ladies

For the public, and to work out daily business, it requires a considerable capacity, decent bag. Recently, the reporter visited the market found that, in the new emerging markets in the bag, the price is not easy obsolete textured leather bag is relatively stable, and most white-collar workers alike.

A large mall within the city, a bag store, the reporter saw, leather, canvas, nylon and other materials of different bag by men’s and women’s subregional neatly placed, some plush texture of the bag being Dongkuan placed near the entrance area discounts. According to store owner Ms. Lee introduced different styles and materials of the bag, there will be a specific consumer groups, students prefer canvas, nylon shoulder bag, while the workers are like simple style leather shoulder bag or messenger bag. “Like canvas bags stuffed these materials, due to the change of seasons and pop elements arising from price changes, and some will discount season, but because of the texture of leather bags, the use of long-life, and the style difficult to date, general year-round price volatility is not down. “Ms. Lee said.

They are selected store bags Wang told reporters:. “For office workers, not only have a functional bag, but also can play a decorative role with, I would choose the use of leather bag leather bag and long life not easy to date, it can reduce the frequent change package trouble. “

Salvatore Ferragamo launched its new series women bags

The series is named Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo, not only fulfilled the promise the brand has long been committed to carrying emerging artistic talent, but also the founder of the Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo unique life experience and inexhaustible creativity tribute.

Sara Battaglia for Salvatore Ferragamo series revealed in elegant refined the production process little more playful temperament, into stylish modern elements to the traditional design of the essence, the perfect interpretation lo splendore della vita (bright life) Italian concept, and it is in under this idea, inspired by Mr. Salvatore opened his creative artistic path, pleasure and satisfaction to expand the tireless quest.

Inspired by designer Sara Battaglia according to the most classic Ferragamo shoes “Rainbow Shoes” wedge shoes (Rainbow) wedge shoe. “Rainbow Shoes” launched in 1938, for the big screen idol Judy Garland (Judy Garland) is designed, the brand has always been proud of. Sara classic start, and then integrate their own unique ideas in order to create a variety of fashion lady rainbow bag and small leather goods, amazing.

A woman’s bag got stolen in chongqing

17:50 News hot summer weather, fire alarm turned hot topic again. Recently, who lives in Chongqing Jiulongpo Xipeng Sister Lee in their own stores lunch break, in order to prevent theft of the backpack, specially the straps of the backpack wrapped around his arm. I did not expect to wake up, strap backpack still, bags do not have it.

June 18 14 am, a facade Jiulongpo Xipeng Datong Street occurred pickpocketing. The people Ms. Lee lying on the facade of the Liang Yi sleep for fear asleep after stolen carry bag, she went to the bag strap wrapped around his right forearm.

A few minutes later, Ms. Lee has a ring to hear the back door, he woke up. Then she saw the bag under their arm, left shoulder strap, the bag was cut, and 1100 yuan in cash within the package also pickpocketing. Lee police immediately.

The day after receiving the alarm, the West Peng police station to investigate immediately. After visits to the masses, the police within two hours successfully locked crime suspects Tongmou. June 25 20 am, police learned Tongmou near Tongguanyi nitrogen fertilizer plant in the town of Jiulongpo appear immediately on its implementation of arrest and arrested him.

After appearing in court suspects Tongmou its pickpocketing confessed to the crime, at present, Tongmou compulsory measures have been taken, the case is under further investigation.

Bag got fade in colour after being washed uncarefully

Experience the convenience of a laundry service O2O citizens of Nanjing Ms. Shao, also suffered the embarrassment. She’s worth ten thousand dollars a luxury package sent to a provider of home cleaning services to clean, the color change is actually a. After identification, the packet is artificially recolored, Ms. Shao thereon compensation. Final Trade and Industry under the coordination of the Confucius Temple, the two sides agree on the issue of compensation.

Placed in the past, this may be just the traditional washing service industry is a common case, but now has its particularity is that it occurred in the service sector after washing on the Internet + near, more and more of a variety of laundry APP, the conventional stores Write Switch network booking site collection, skip the store link in understanding each other face to face, this service can make people more at ease? How to pick a reliable consumer online businesses, event of a dispute, how rights? Yangzi Evening News reporter to do a survey.

“I’m in this package worth eighteen thousand yuan or so, is a limited edition cherry pink bag, then wash back later, I feel like the color and were quite different.” Ms. Shao will pack this bag to Nanjing after identification of stores that color is not the color of the package when the sales of the brand, she also look at the bag corners and seams, can really see color.

“I feel very angry, looking for their customer service complaints, the other showed that we look at the chef, how to identify what is going on. I also specifically said that, in any case can not change the color, but who knows when the package again Back to my hands, the connecting seams and corners can be seen in the color are all gone, most likely has been patched color. “Ms. Shao told reporters,” I have already explained this package if repaired, want to go to the store designated place, we do not want to move anywhere, while the other two promised me, but eventually also on the color, I think that there is suspicion of destruction of evidence. “

Things much more important than buying chanel bag

Chanel (CHANEL) value as a symbol not only for external decorating, more often, but also because the intrinsic cultural identity as a showcase, is a woman who has always been like a magic startled in general sought after brand. And it all comes from the heart and soul behind her – Coco – Chanel (Coco Chanel), people are bored about the interpretation of the legendary Coco Chanel Miss wonderful stories, she gave many people the inspiration and spiritual strength.

Now the fashion world seems to be the sum of the dissipation, higher consumption linked to that, it seems to have enough money to play the fashion overturned. But you would not know fashion godmother Coco – Chanel not his mouth with a golden spoon born: 1883, Chanel was born, she was the second child of the family, her parents were not rich even say poverty. Six years old when my mother passed away, then he threw her father and four siblings. On the clothing, she is not a technical education, no education system. When she was an adult that day, she took in the convent school (Convent School) learned first-hand sewing skills, they decided to leave their homeland dreams of career in Paris.

Perhaps no one will think, when the little girl was the US “Time” magazine (1999) 100 years as the most influential artists of the second 20. Former French Culture Minister Malraux had such a period of assessment: “This century will have three names forever French, de Gaulle, Picasso and cocoa – Chanel.” “She did not and territory parliaments, but the rule of a politician than any permanent, every decision she made, transcend national borders and legally-like effect in the world. “

A few tips on how to go match with bags

After the dress decent and clean, confidently go out in the streets farther and think something is wrong, and finally you finally find the reason for this is awkward bags, now is late autumn, and summer and then a beautiful package, both now and apparel with no on, does not conform to this chilly weather, the woman who told the package can be divided into a good variety of it, the woman said a lot of time to re-buy the package, it is really just a new map, which can be filled with all the bag sister of confidence!

Bags inappropriate, enough to make your day carefully crafted out of fashion glamorous image destroyed, if you do not realize that it was just a bad impression to others, if you realize that even worse, you start nervously, anxious to immediately go back and change, on social occasions too.
There are so-called wild bag? There may be there, but this is only relatively wild, it means the scope of this package in terms of color appearance than other packages applicable to wide it, does not mean that once and for all with this package, oh, so still have to prepare a few more packages, or beginning of the kind of situation will happen. Wallet, cell phone, keys, cosmetic … children will fall into the bag and put the whole, it means that there is a sense of security package, the package will not get driven to distraction, everyday life have close contact with the package, and for a package, as if to life for a breath of fresh blood in general.

Bags with different charms were used to show people’s personalities

With wool CHARM style bag influx of people from various quarters have been sought after, different fur ball pendant can mix and match a variety of bags, whether it is large or small section models, by matching only makes you whole increase highlights modeling, but also great range of fashion up to the people is so worn out!

Slim tops and skirts irregular wear clothing with elegant style, black clutch is exudes a simple retro atmosphere, light-colored hair ball embellishment to the overall look is more refined.

Motorcycle jacket and shorts with straps gray T-shirt, showing both retro and modern styling, black messenger bag coordinated clothing colors cute and playful hair ball decoration.

Black and white patterned shirt with color hair CHARM want to echo, simple two-color chain bag with highlights feminine, hair ball bag with a combination of both casual and tasteful.

dragoo hairball with interesting design element, white clutch with a similar material, both retro and added some witty sense, the small details with arbitrary interpretation of beauty.

Recommended handbags for different occasions

What qingshunv keywords yes, yes fine ah! Without good body and young face, female elite all walks of life, of course, rely on bags to enhance the gas field. Posters compiled code that bag is the most worthwhile investment pay big bucks to fashion items. Light Older women have a certain economic capacity and more sophisticated handbags worth the investment: daily commute, travel essential Tote bags, computer, files can easily hold; section of the package of choice for lightweight portable shoulder bag, office workers, help your hands free; attended the reception, corporate annual meetings and other occasions you need an elegant clutch. Where there is life, not just chop hands, quick and posters compiled code together with the favorite bag Add to Wishlist!

Tote bag is definitely a must-have item daily commute! An exquisite Tote bag in hand, instant gas field bursting, if not wear high heels can easily workplace female elite that is, as the sense of Get. Secondly, Tote bag very practical ah! 13-inch computer, A4 paper documents can be installed under a canvas computer bag than to be more fashionable, right? Whether you wear more beautiful, a canvas bag and immediately destroy all.

The young girl who absolutely loves gold shoulder bag! Lightweight portable shoulder bag so cute, of course, no documents and a computer, a shoulder bag capacity can meet the daily needs of workers, but also help you liberate your hands! In the rush of North Canton and other cities, which are the choice of public transport qingshunv how important it is to work ah! Removing working hours, weekend shopping and a back shoulder bag is excellent. Nothing is more wild than shoulder bag, what style can Hold live, office workers can choose a low-key black, white, khaki package, weekend shopping trips, then red, blue section of the package is a good select!

You could be beautiful for the whole summer with these 4 different colours bags

Want bags is the key element in the United States and the United States this summer, the street alone beautiful clothes naturally is not enough to choose a sophisticated and eye-catching. From the year’s most popular crystal powder, quiet blue, the fresh white and gorgeous rainbow … more and more brands to “curry favor” female audience have launched a colorful section of the package, it is hard to resist. Want simple and elegant dress appears to have spirit, with a bright pink color handbag can; want to print dress more attractive, highly saturated color lines bag most of the board; even the hot season tannins money on clothing with color bag is also more exciting. How, the beauty of the posters do not hurry to start a Girl?

The rise of the minimalist white pinnacle. Clean, simple, pure, a white bag can easily Hold live all four seasons dress. With black pants, you can not be a classic; with a white dress is refreshing doubled. The only caution is that easy to dirty white handbag without staining, girls, always ready “with their lives to protect” Your white handbag!

The warm red clothes to wear body may be too high Q, or take a look at how the influx of people love red poured it in the bag. Whether more than usual low-key, as long as a red handbag can ensure that you are more eye-catching, more sexy, more fashionable. If you want to increase the mature charm, simply select only a simple type of handbags, revel in the natural flavor of this woman. In addition to being blooming red, burgundy retro, vibrant orange is a popular color in spring and summer.

Turkey handmade bag pursued by most fashion stars

No one thought fashion blogger Eva Chen just follow the daily routine, the car lying on the bag placed in the sun for a sun feet, a little-known Turkish brand so jump red. I have been working with small series like everyone said the same, Turkey absolutely trendy, this fashion from her rich history. A Yeah, like some beside the point, all of a sudden the fire up the brand is MANU Atelier.

In the end it suddenly how red it, but only one of the founders established the store in Turkey’s famous department store Vakko Manu Atelierd of Beste said: “crazy customers from China, and Turkey almost put us in Vakko. inventory all bought. “, he was forced to limit the number of consumers per month to buy three bags. But everything is not over yet, because the world started out of stock.

But also from all the distant 1954, that when a 2-year-old boy with his family from Macedonia Bitola emigrated to Istanbul, Turkey time. Perhaps this little boy and he never thought he wanted to become a 11-year-old craftsman decision will change his life, and even affect the next generation. He is a good cobbler Turkey Adnan Manastir, now a young man has been unable to meditate in the traditional manual also the era of the old cobbler Beste and Merve has two daughters in February 2014 created the MANU Atelier studio, inherited his father two girls with their craft keen sense of fashion, with ancient crafting modern Mo Dengfan children thick bags, they have been firmly remember my father’s words, both “manual is a belief, money is not come. “. So they gave himself MUNU this name because it comes from their name.